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About Us

Bhutan Taktsang Tours and Travels is a registered travel agent in the country. We have vast experience in handling inbound international tourists, worldwide air ticketing, trekking cultural tours and many more. We have trained and experienced staff with guides of high skill and experience who guide the tourists through the Himalayan mists and the various exotic destinations within the country. The earthly paradise, best known as DrukYul will be shown to you in its truly crystallized manifestation of sublime nature which is one of the last relics of this wonderful world. Bhutan Taktsang Tours and Travels has been in the tour and travel business for many years.

We want to grow, keeping in mind the quality of travel services to all our valued clients.Our mission is to continually strive for excellence by offering the best value and service to our clients. We have to thank our many clients for the support they have given us over the years, and our success is the direct result of their repeat business and referrals. We have extensive experience in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and specialize in extraordinary adventure, discover the majestic beauty and the rich cultures of Bhutan through the legendary Bhutan Taktsang Tours and Travel. We offer expanded packages and special customized Festival and cultural Tours. Each of our tour packages is designed with great degree of flexibility to meet the budget and expectations of individuals or groups.

Our Treks are fully equipped with the best of gears with the support of the most experienced tour leaders and crew. We carry our own supplies and provisions to ensure quality food and comfortable accommodations that meet our high standards. Our local Tour Guides are among the best and the most experienced in culture, religion, history and geography of the region. They will guide you through unique places of cultural and historic significance and share with you interesting folklores, legends, myths and superstitions of the local people. We will make all of your arrangements, from choosing the right trip including air travel and trip extensions, until you depart from Bhutan.

We provide you the highest quality of service, to assure you have a wonderful holiday in the Himalayas. Bhutan Taktsang Tours and Travels enjoys the reputation as a first-class travel service provider known for its reliability and excellence in service with meticulous attention to details. We customize tours and treks to meet the needs of individuals and group with special areas of interests.

Travel with us, our knowledgeable travel executives will strive to make your vacation a memorable one.